The Core Worlds



Tiny Adventures has been keeping some people rather busy on Facebook lately, but there is tiny, and there is tiny, and I think I might be partially to blame for the latter.

As far as I can tell (any errors are my own, feel free to send me corrections), the time line went something like this:

It all started last night during a game of 4e when the resident Dwarf Fighter swung his warhammer at a goblin and hit the wall instead. (Or, in mechanical terms, when Jim rolled a 1). It wasn’t surprising that he was a little unhappy about this, and exclaimed:

Stupid short things

… which I found amusing enough to repeat in public.

Despite the lack of context, someone enjoyed it enough to [respond]( ""Bah, clumsy oaf!" said the halfling "), and then had an idea.

@chattydm Did you see what @dorward said? Could you not oh great DM come up with a twitteresque world for us to game in?

… and after a little more discussion — he does. I’ll be watching with interest.

(On an entirely separate note, this is my inaugural post to RPG Bloggers, so thanks for welcoming me to the community!)