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Pathfinder Game One

August 23, 2008

When WotC moved to fourth edition D&D, Paizo picked up the discarded remnants of 3.5 and started work on Pathfinder.

Wanting to give it a go, and feeling the urge to GM something on Tuesday Knights, I threw together a five room dungeon and roped a couple of players into giving it a try.

This was my first attempt at running a home-brew adventure for D&D, so a few hiccups were to be expected — which was one reason I wanted to try it out on willing victims before using it to kick off a proper campaign. Lessons were learned:

  • Knowing what you want to happen in each area isn’t a good substitute for actually writing down the details and arranging convenient stat blocks that don’t require flipping from tab to tab on a laptop
  • The power level in Pathfinder has been upped
  • Many weak creatures are rubbish compared to few large creatures, especially when in a confined space without room to maneuver
  • If you fail to map a dungeon out properly in advance, you will end up with the final chamber being too close to another room and ending up in a disturbingly phallic shape in order to be large enough for your plans

Despite these setbacks, the game proved to be rather fun. I just need to go away with the above lessons and tweak it somewhat.