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Dragon Warriors is being resurrected

August 14, 2008

A long time ago, I had a couple of volumes in the Dragon Warriors series. I was very impressed with the scenarios in the books, although I never got a chance to play them (thanks to a number of factors, not least of which was lacking volume one).

I was reminded of the system today by a post from Greywulf, which in turn reminded me that we have a new edition on the way. I’ve got a number of reasons for wanting to be first in line to grab a copy of this when it comes out. I know (and like) some of the people involved in the project. The last book I bought from Magnum Opus Press (The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen) was a bloody good read (and I’m eagerly awaiting my hardback edition from Mongoose). Finally, they have the original author on board with the project.

Sadly, it looks like some of the old adventures are going to fall by the wayside. Greywulf knows where to look to find them, but scans of out of print books do have some prickly legal issues. If you buy the new edition, I don’t think your conscience will hurt too much though.

I suspect I’ll be offering to run it for my Tuesday group almost as soon as the new edition is out. I hope I won’t be alone.