The Core Worlds

Planning Season 2 (DramaSystem: Heroes of the City)


At the end of the fifth session, everyone agreed that they liked the game and wanted to continue it. Hopefully we’ll be able to pick it up next year! There will, however, be a couple of changes.

With Elron out of the picture, at least as a star character, Tom has agreed to pick up the GM reins and let me pick up a PC to play with. I been pondering promoting an NPC or introducing a new character with their own set of links to the other PCs. Sometime between writing my first draft of these session reports and now, I’ve made a decision but I’ll keep it under my hat for the sake of spoilers.

In the meantime, we can have a summary of where all the characters stand and the status of the world they exist in.

The city

Season 1 focused on Elron’s attempts to grasp power and the damage he was willing to do to achieve it. With his departure, a power vacuum has formed. The city needs a leader and a lot of season 2 is likely to be about determining who that will be.

We also have the portal to deal with, the beings on the other side appear to be honourable but quick to judge and often violent in their responses. Diplomacy could be interesting.

The main cast

Alec Alejandro Victor von Rose will have to come to terms with whatever changes have happened to his body, along with the change in his relationship with Xathra. As a son of the Archmage, he is a potential candidate for the rulership of the city.

Xathra, Warrior Princess will have to figure out how to relate to Stefan now she has accepted her blood relationship to him, and determine what will happen next with Alec.

Stefan, Mercenary Captain is widely respected and, given that word of his possible rise to Dukedom will have spread, may be a candidate for rulership.

The Nightstalker, Master Assassin was last seen entering the realm on the other side of the portal. There is potential for almost anything to happen there. If he comes back, then someone might think his bloodline would make it possible ruler.

The NPCs

Oriene, The Dwarf King is dead. Hopefully he won’t come back, zombie dwarfs are creepy.

Balor, The Dwarf Prince left, but is still Dwarven nobility. He may return, perhaps as King, perhaps as Ambassador, perhaps seeking revenge.

Sarissa, one time Apprentice of the Archmage and lover to practically anything with a pulse and a little power, will, no doubt, continue to try to curry favour… at least until it becomes advantageous to betray someone.

Odson, von Rose’s Goblin assistant finds that the man he betrayed has risen in power and his new master has left in disgrace.

Ataria, despite being listed in the opening credits, did not appear in season 1. Her influence was felt only through her past actions and how other characters felt about her. If she ever arrives in the city, it will complicate matters for everybody. Ataria’s betrayal of the principles by which she raised her daughter has shaken Xathra greatly. Her one time lover, Stefan, is the object of Sarissa’s attention. Andrus killed for her in the past, but doing so has caused him strife. Finally, Alec loves her daughter.

Pira is the elf who has had the most significant impact on the story without leaving the city. She wants to heal but might be drawn into politics with Elron leaving a power vacuum among the elves as well as in the city overall.

Dirk made a deal with Stefan in season 1, but appeared little after that since there wasn’t much drama in a scene that would have gone “My people are dying… and so are you… so I guess you are looking for a cure then… OK… bye”. With the plague resolved, its likely that in season 2 he will likely become the voice of the people and be involved in the question of leadership.

Toralas was probably killed when Balthazar stalked the corridors.

Balthazar’s soul has departed but some fragment of him may remain in Alec.

Raphael has become a being of light, apparently the natural form for his people, and one that cannot survive in his home realm. As Ambassador he will be the voice of the other side, and his questions about the nature of flesh life may drive the main characters to question themselves.

Hellfire the dragon didn’t get involved in season 1. It is about time he showed up and started having opinions.

Elron is a possible NPC for Season 2, but general consensus is that he should go away for a season and maybe reappear in a theoretical Season 3.