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The shortest route is not a straight line (Exalted session report)

September 29, 2008

My name is David, and I’m an addict. Exalted just does something special for me. It has a rich and detailed background that is so much spicier then the traditional fantasy setting, coupled with characters capable of doing some serious ass prodding (which is when you try to get a donkey to go back down the stairs and out of the tower).

My regular group has picked up the game for a month before our premier Exalted GM goes off to get married and honeymoon, and after the last session I found myself idling on the train looking for something to do and started typing.

The sun rose over The Lap, a city still showing the scars of the battle that never happened. Some of those instrumental in saving it are still within the city, recovering, training, and helping with the rebuilding efforts.

On the road to the city, Lotus of the Solar Light, loyal worshiper of The Unconquered Sun and member of the rare race know as The Dragon Kings had travelled south from the Blessed Isle, a sense of unease growing within him at the sight of a massive convoy of mechanical vessels taking the opposite route.

You can read the rest on the group’s website under Exalted Series 13.

As for our GM – Ant, I wish you and Ada every happiness.