The Core Worlds

Battletech Inner Sphere Assault Lance


Last year I started dipping into Battletech after a friend started a new podcast on the subject.

It appealed because a typical game has a small model count (4 mechs make for a game that lasts two or three hours) and the models look great, but aren't coated in as much fiddly detail as Games Workshop adds. It's also a very stable game, the rules have barely changed since the mid-80s when it comes out, there's no need to be constantly updating rulebooks and relearning the game (yes, I'm looking at you GW).

While I haven't played much, I couldn't resist picking up another box (The Inner Sphere Assault Lance) at Salute and spent an evening last week painting them up.

The Inner Sphere Assault Lance painted in military green/brown with red tinted windows and metal weaponry. They are displayed on a hex map with an ice world backdrop