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Painting Roundup (March 2022)

April 01, 2022

I hit a painting slump in February and managed to almost complete five zombies. So when March came around, I put them to the side and picked up some other projects as a pallet cleanser.

When Haggok, the Gutripper Boss, as announced as this years store anniversary model I wasn’t really grabbed. However, since then I have discovered that I really like miniatures with birds on them, and I have signed up for Stormbringer magazine so a Kruleboyz army will be slowly heading my way.

Picking up the last one from my local store (when I popped in around lunchtime, I was told that the Inquisitor had sold out in 20 minutes) I saw they were having a painting competition. I consider myself “decent” and “definitely many, many miles away from winning a Golden Demon” but I thought I’d take a punt and see how I stacked up against the local competition.

This is the first time I’ve built up a base with cork, and tried to get a white-hot effect on a blade. I’m trying to give the impression that he has just plunged his spear into the lava at the foot of the rock he is standing on.

I have a reputation for liking penguins and was given the models from the Batman miniature game as a Christmas present. These little boys were next to my painting table.

It turns out that freehanding barber pole candy stripes is hard! Especially when you’ve already glued the rockets onto the penguins and can’t just rotate them against the brush for a continuous line.

I got my first game of Warhammer: Underworlds in last month (I like it, I want to play more) and with the arrival of the starter set of Speedpaints from The Army Painter I thought I’d give them a try on Drepur’s Wraithcreepers.

Then I turned my attention to Blackstone Fortress. At this rate I might manage to have all the models painted up before I play the game.

How does this stack up against the Pledge and Hobby Bingo? After acquiring more models then I really should have done, I’ve been playing catch up and have managed to break even… just! The bingo chart is running out of space for small units (so the Spindle Drones didn’t make it on there). I’m going to have to paint some more characters and then head towards the bigger models. Blackstone Fortress does have a Chaos Lord model that I glued together last night and is waiting for priming.

CellGoalMiniature Painted
A1Hero or CharacterHaggok, the Gutripper Boss
A3Unit of 10+ models20 Deathrattle Skeletons
A4Unit of 2+ modelsDrepur's Wraithcreepers
B2Unit of 2+ models4 Chaos Beastment
B3Kitbashed model4 Grave Markers
C3Any model4 Ur-Ghuls
D3Unit of 2+ models2 Rogue Psykers