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Painting Roundup (Dec 2021)

January 01, 2022

December’s painting time (which was in short supply as work hit a bit of crunch time) was mostly focused on a series of character models of the PCs (and one NPC) from Ray’s long-running Legend’s Walk campaign that furlough switched from being “half a dozen sessions a year at conventions” to a weekly online game that helped us get through what has been a difficult time for everyone. We had our first in-person session in over two years just after Christmas and I wanted to give everyone a present.

With my 3d printer on the fritz I turned to Jo of Encounter Prints who I’d met at SELWG 2021 and asked him to turn the files into resin. He made the excellent suggestion of printing at 54mm instead of the 28mm I was going to use by default. It turned them into really nice display pieces.

Ophelia’s hair was a real challenge (I continue to curse the GM who thought that rainbow hair was a good consequence of a magical experiment gone wrong). It did force me to learn how to do wet blending, and Louise Sugden’s tutorial on Warhammer+ was really helpful.

I also managed to get my 3d printer up and running again and ran of several prints. Some of them are waiting for me to take a brush to them, one scenery piece failed to get photographed before I packed my camera and lightbox away to make space for guests in my house and will have to wait for a couple of week, but I did finish a couple of test Notrons from OPR’s range of Robot Legions.

Vallejo’s Shifters made for an interesting effect, and I learned not to ruin it with the generous application of Nuln Oil.

And now 2022 is upon us. May it be a good year for all. I shall now sign off and go and put brush to the first model in my new army.