The Core Worlds

Section 31


Well, it’s official. We’re getting a show about Section 31. I’m not optimistic.

Michelle Yeoh is great, but I’d rather see a show about Prime Georgiou than Mirror Georgiou. Shame they killed her off.

Section 31 has provided some of my favourite Star Trek episodes. Plot arcs about how far a beloved character will go “for the greater good” and those about fighting conspiracies willing to sacrifice the Federation were great.

Dipping a toe into looking at things from the other side can be fun. Legends of Tomorrow did it wonderfully with the episode The Legion of Doom, which allowed Neal McDonough, John Barrowman, and Matt Letscher to chew vast amounts of scenery. Fun though it was, its something best enjoyed in small doses.

La Femme Nikita (1997) pulled off a show with a similar premise by making it about Nikita’s struggle to be a hero in despite the usual MO of Division. When they remade the series in 2010 with Maggie Q, they promptly had Nikita escape Division and spend the series trying to bring them down. The ex-Empress Georgiou isn’t a good person though, everything we know about her shows that she is interested primarily in survival and power and is not shy about hurting other people to get them.