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Infinity District 5L

January 20, 2013

As an experiment, I picked up a piece of the Infinity District 5L scenery from Microart Studio last week.

(TL;DR: I like it.)

The apartment door

The range consists of a series of laser cut sets. The one I had went together without too much trouble. I only had two issues with it.

The first was that the cuts on one side of one of the sheets were not quite deep enough and required a bit of force to get some pieces out. This caused me to half snap a piece. Happily, it was a piece I didn’t need. The kits are designed for multiple configurations and the section I broke was for use in a multi-story building.

Inside the apartment

My other gripe is that the instructions are dreadful. They contain just enough information to figure out where everything goes, but they could do with being a fair bit clearer. I had to disassemble half my work and put it back together again when I discovered that some of the corner pieces have a double width gap on the outside. I then had to disassemble those bits again when I discovered that the purpose of that gap was to hold the extra-long pillar that would extend to the ground level if I had been building a second-story floor. Thankfully, I wasn’t gluing anything (this isn’t a GW kit!) so I could always backtrack.

It would be helpful if Microart included a link to a website with more detailed instructions and a description of all the pieces on each sheet. Many are similar enough that it is hard to tell which is what.

The apartment roof

I’m done with the moaning now!

Acrylic spray paint took to the surface very well, and didn’t obscure any detail. I went for a light grey for most of the building, with a red shade for the roof and doors to provide contrast. I’ll probably go back and take a brush to the closed windows so that they don’t remain a wall-matching shade of grey.

The price is hard to sniff at. I don’t think they are as good value as Battlefield in a Box scenery, but they come very close.

The apartment door

The look is sci-fi, but not excessively so. They could be used in a modern setting without looking too out of place.

I’m definitely going to get some more from this range, and expect to get a decent amount of use out of it in games of 7tv, Warhammer 40k and possibly a few RPGs.