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The Pheasant and the Car

September 08, 2011

Doesn’t she have to make a Drive check?

Well, no. This is routine driving, no need to make a check for that… on the other hand, I would like to pad this session a little so I can end at a certain point when 10pm rolls around, and it is night driving on country lanes.

OK, make a Drive check.

With a Drive skill that low, there was a good chance of failure (even though the difficulty was only Mediocre). Time to draw on real life experience.

It was the early hours of the morning, birds are twittering, and you are motoring along, when from under a hedgerow pops a pheasant and jumps into your radiator.

(True story, if you think pigeons are stupid, you’ve never spent time in pheasant country.)

The next section didn’t happen to me in reality, however it is midsummer (game time) and the players were quite specific about their characters’ dinner plans for the previous evening.

It bounces off your windscreen and then straight through the open sunroof, where it lands in (a character’s) lap.

The resulting fallout from this little piece of colour managed to nicely use up a little time before our protagonists (I hesitate to use the word ‘heroes’ for some of this lot) arrived at The Village Where Evil Probably Lurks.