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Has Steven Moffat been busy reassembling the 5th Doctor's TARDIS crew?

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Doctor Who returns to our screens next weekend, and the BBC have released a trailer that shows us River Song is back once more. It seems the TARDIS crew will consist of someone who can relate to the Doctor on his own terms, a feisty young lady, and the boyish one who isn’t quite as brave as the others. This sounds, to me, a little bit like Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough.

I’m pretty sure I remember an interview about Time Crash in which it was said that Peter Davison was “My Doctor” to both David Tennant and Steven Moffat. Could there be a strong influence there? If you think I’ve reading too much into this, then you are probably right, but I’ll claim a free cookie if the person River killed turns out to be her father.

Meanwhile, if you want some more of the NTT crew and can’t wait until Saturday, Big Finish have just released the nicely amusing Heroes of Sontar on CD and digital download.