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April 19, 2008
I’ve given in and bought a Wii. I could be sensible and hold off writing about it until I have a bit more to say (and am a bit less tired when I’m trying to write it), but I’ve been neglecting this blog of late so I’ll … stop talking meta.

In brief though:

  • It is a lot of fun
  • Super Mario Galaxy is well deserving of its Gamespot score of 9.5, and an excellent single player game that challenges the Wii’s reputation as a party game machine
  • Mario Kart is seven shades of awesome for multiplayer racing, but the battle mode is a let down when compared to the GameCube version. I’ll write more on this later.
  • Mario and Sonic Olympics is quite fun, but mostly revolves around waving the sticks in various ways. It does result in good videos being filmed though.
  • The downloadable games are fun, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot more entertainment out of Bomberman ’93 and Bubble Bobble

So that is a quick summary of first impressions, I’ll probably go into more detail later, but it is approaching 0130 and I need some shut eye.