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On Soul Hunters as player characters

June 10, 2007

Kill it, you have to kill it Commander. Put it back in the ship, shoot it into space, fire it into the sun, but you have to kill it – quickly!

OK, so Delenn takes a shoot first policy, but she was in the vicinity when they tried to take her mentor. Other Minbari might not be quite so intense on the subject, so this isn’t a major problem.

I just got back from the alien sector, it’s kinda strange. The place is practically deserted, its as if they’re hiding. The place is shut down tighter than a drum. I’ll link in later.

Interesting, we’ve got nearly a dozen ships asked to leave the station immediately. Some of them weren’t due to leave for weeks, the one thing they have in common is that they’re all aliens.

So, Soul Hunters arrive and most of the non-human population starts to flee or hide. That is just a little bit disruptive! Now, would you let them into your campaign?