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A new gaming blog

June 07, 2007

A long time ago I actually ran a gaming blog here. Then I gave up on Movable Type and started work on a CMS of my own. Things took longer then I expected, and I never got round to adding this site to the CMS (although it is doing a stand up job of running my main website.

So why WordPress? I can’t claim to be a fan of PHP, but my own CMS is still rough around the edges and I wanted something that would let me hammer out content as and why it struck me.

And why now? Well, it looks like I might be doing a bit of GMing soon, and that means I’ll be doing more research, planning, and general gathering and producing things that might just be worth writing about.

I have an idea for a campaign in the works, but I’ll splash that up in an entry of its own over the next few days. In the meantime, I wanted to get a proper introduction up on the site, and have something of reasonable length in order to better produce a nice template.